A 20-Year Population Projection Program

COHORT is a population projection program which will construct a 20-year cohort component population projection. The program allows for the input of survival rates, births by female age groups, and net-migrants. It then allows the user to adjust for changes in survival rates, future child-women ratios, and future net-migration rates.

The COHORT program has been distributed in a book of spreadsheet templates for urban and regional modeling. The editors have agreed to allow the distribution of the COHORT program separate from the book. However, any use of the program must be accompanied by a complete citation to avoid copyright infringement. Users are also highly recommended to obtain the book for complete information on the model.

The full, and correct, citation for the COHORT model is:

  • Ned Levine, "COHORT: Cohort component population projection", In Richard E. Klosterman, Richard K. Brail, and Earl G. Bossard, Spreadsheet Models for Urban and Regional Analysis, Center for Urban Policy Research, Rutgers University. 1993: 85-106.

Here is the COHORT program in a PKZIP file. Unzip the file. Open the file into Lotus 1-2-3 or another spreadsheet program, and then type ALT-M to bring up the main menu (CTRL-M in Excel). See the article for more details.