Map of Rebuilding After the 1992 Riot

We helped RLA in their evaluation of rebuilding after the 1992 Los Angeles Riots by creating a series of maps and conducting some spatial analysis. One of the issues that was explored was the rate at which buildings were rebuilt. The map to the left shows the ellipse of riot damage, calculated from the Pointstat program. As can be seen, most of the damage was in south-central Los Angeles, though there was quite a bit of damage in Los Angeles Koreatown and some in Hollywood. The ellipse of rebuilding indicated that there was greater rebuilding further north than the total damage. This was primarily due to greater damage in the southern-most part of the riot area.

A report on the study can be found in:

  • Tom Larson and Miles Finney, Rebuilding South Central Los Angeles: Myths, Realities, and Opportunities. School of Business and Economics, California State University: Los Angeles. 1996.