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Who are We?

We are a research and evaluation firm, specializing in public policy research. We conduct primary data gathering as well as research with secondary data sources. We specialize in land use, housing and transportation research. We apply a range of methodologies in order to document, evaluate and analyze data trends for the development or evaluation of public policy.

What do we do?

Among our research tools are:

What are some of our projects?

Our recent research projects include:

The CrimeStat Spatial Statistics Program

We developed a spatial statistics program for the analysis of crime incident locations. The program, developed for the National Institute of Justice, interfaces with most desktop GIS programs and statistically analyzes the distribution of incident (point) locations. It's primary purpose is to help law enforcement agencies and criminal justice researchers understand the spatial patterning of crime incidents, but it can be used for the analysis of other types of point distributions, such as motor vehicle crashes, facility locations, the location of clients, or disease incidence. The program is a toolkit that allows users to calculate statistics and display the results graphically with a desktop GIS package.

More about the program

Growth Control in California

A survey of most California cities and counties to document the local enactment of measures designed to slow or redirect growth, and the impact of these measures on regional housing production, population distribution and income differentiation.

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Evaluation of Rent Control in California

A 1980-90 demographic research comparison of the border areas of four California cities with vacancy control over rents (Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Berkeley and East Palo Alto) with the adjacent communities (including Venice, West Los Angeles, and Palo Alto) in order to document what changes could be attributed to vacancy control.

About the project

Spatial Analysis of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Honolulu

An analysis of 1990 Honolulu motor vehicle accidents involving the geocoding of accident locations and the use of spatial statistics tools to describe how accidents change by hour of the day and by different activity and land use patterns.

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Vehicle Occupancy Measurement

An analysis of the correlates of vehicle occupancy measurement on California roads, and the developmentof a sampling methodology for estimating regional or corridor-level average vehicle occupancy.

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Other Projects

There are many other projects that we've conducted. Checkhere for more information.

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We have developed a number of software programs. These are available free for downloading.

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